2019 Tournament Dates

The following are the 2019 Tournament Dates as well as a few 2018 make-up tournaments that needed to be brought forward into 2019.

2018 Rescheduled SQT Trail Event—Potomac River-Smallwood State Park ( This will finalize the 2018 SQT Trail)
March 31 - Potomac River- Smallwood State Park (Sunday)

2019 SQT Trail Events:
1) April 7 - Potomac River- Smallwood State Park (Sunday)
2) June 29 - Conowingo Res-Dorsey Park by Peach Bottom Power Plant (Saturday)
3) August 11 - Upper Bay - Dundee Creek Marina (Sunday)
4) September 21 - Deep Creek Lake - DC State Park (Saturday

2019 Mr. Bass Event:
May 4 & 5 - Upper Bay - Tydings (Hosted by the Northern Region)

2018 Mr. Bass Event - (Rescheduled-Make Up)
June 8 & 9 - Potomac River - Smallwood State Park (Hosted by Southern Region)

Make Up Dates (Reserve just in case needed for events in case of a cancellation)
June 22 & 23
October 19

2019 PVA Event (As of right now)
July 13 - Potomac River - Smallwood State Park (A one day event)

2019 High School Championship Event
October 13 - Upper Bay - Dundee Creek Marina

Last Chance Shoot Out (replacing SQT Weekend for 2019)
October 20 - Potomac River - Smallwood State Park
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Re: 2019 Tournament Dates

Good golly Marty,
Anyway, changing the number of trail events is not a simple thing. But apparently changing the number of qualifying events is.

I'm not happy they removed the weekend SQT but just as they fought against having it a few years ago, they made the event not very palatable. It should have been put in the middle of the season like the NR pushed for as that would have increased participants. Not to mention Holding it out of dead water many miles from productive water because of a weigh station.
Oh well, lets just keep on keeping on and taking money out of the state team pockets. That is the only thing they did by removing the weekend SQT, They left money on the table to appease some trail guys that will bitch because there is not enough money for the team.
Good going

Re: 2019 Tournament Dates

There will be a 1-Day Qualifying Tournament to replace the weekend SQT. The date for this event is October 20th. In 2019, It will be on the Potomac.

As I understand it, there will still be 4 State Team slots (2 Boaters, 2 Riders) from this event.

There is still some ongoing discussion regarding the details of this tournament (standing rules updates, eligibility, fees, etc.).

Based on my discussion with Dick Brown and Roger Trageser this morning, the Tournament Committee reps are spreading the word. I believe they have already shared this information at the Western and Northern region meetings.

Please stay tuned for additional details. Next week's EB meeting will hopefully finalize all of the gory details!

Hope this helps!
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Re: 2019 Tournament Dates

To Tournament Staff.

Our Club is meeting this week to vote on our 2019 schedule.
Can I get a confirmation/clarification on the MBN Schedule. released on 11/7 ?.
Is Oct. 20th reserved as a make up day (if needed) or is there a 1 day SQT on this day as posted on 11/9?
I can't find the Board Meeting minutes from the Dec. meting.